Take a minute to read the forum guidelines - "What is unreason?"

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Take a minute to read the forum guidelines - "What is unreason?"

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:19 pm

Unreason, is not unlogic. Smart men can be guilty of unreason.

An example of unreason, would be proclaiming that "unlogic" and "unreason" are not words in your dictionary, so that therefore the topic of unreason is silly.

Unreason, would be to exit arguments before they are finished.

Unreason, would be to close arguments, for superficial or emotionally fueled reasons.

Unreason, is a Catholic school.

Unreason, is the idea that all religious persons must not be criticized nor judged, in the name of anti-bigotry and equality.

Unreason, is banning individuals for voicing opinions that you arbitrarily decide are uncouth, and then patting yourself on the back for doing so.

Unreason, is the idea that both sexes are the same.

Unreason, is calling someone a liar for making an accidental mistake, and then exiting the debate because your opponent made a mistake.

Unreason, is discrediting your opponent on one mistake, though the mistake does not disprove the overall core of his argument.

Unreason, is the unwillingness or inability to see the meaning of words, outside of their dictionary definitions.

Unreason, is posting short comments that are without weight nor meaning, nor related with the topic at hand.

Unreason, is posting your opinions as absolute truth, and calling anyone who disagrees an idiot.

Unreason, is the inabilty to change one's arguments, even if they have been defeated.

Unreason, is the tendency to admit defeat and abandon all of your good arguments, when a single one of your bad arguments is defeated.

Unreason, is the tendency to feel submissive to specialists, and to feel unworthy around idiot savants, who are more talented in one area than you are, not even bothering to hold on to reason and instead to blindly accept their word as the holy gospel of a guru.

Unreason, is the appeal to authority, the community of living vegetables, who form hives and calls to authority to ban anyone non conformant to their ends.

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