"Rules of this this forum and why this forum exists."

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"Rules of this this forum and why this forum exists."

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:45 pm

The primary rule, is that unreason is discouraged. Read the topic about unreason before continuing.

This is not a hate forum, but an anti-hate forum. In modern times, people seem to hate truth, reason, and masculinity. The aim of the forum is for a place for intelligent minds to feel free of tyranny and suppression of free thought. We do not aim to reduce the rights of homosexuals, but to prevent homosexuals from reducing the rights of others.

As the forum avatar suggests, the forum is welcoming to women, and men who behave as women, as long as they have the will to truth and the ability to reason. It is a forum meant for all sorts of creative individuals. However, due to the nature of information, posts of low quality, and posts full of untruth are removed and transferred to their appropriate subforums, the rubbish bins, which are level 1, level 2, and level 3, respectfully. Posts are not deleted from the rubbish bins and can be read at any time, since there is no censorship here at Games of Genius.

Games of Genius is an unfascist forum, and so bans are rarely handed out. Posts of low quality will be moved to the appropriate sectors, and not censored in any way. At most, temporary suspensions will be handed out for repeats of unreasonable or untasteful comments. Bans are only handed in the case of child pornography or similar substance.

This forum looks down on drugs, but is against the censorship of drugs. For legal reasons, we ask that you do not discuss how to obtain drugs in the forums, other than in a political way. If you post about where to obtain drugs, your post may be deleted. If you wish to obtain drugs you must do it so that I hold no accountability for your actions, and since it is not permitted and a violation of your privacy to read your PMs, I cannot stop you from discussing such things in PM with other users.

The overall focus of the forum is of creativity, and its prime subjects are games, science, philosophy, society, and ultimate things. Freedom of speech is encouraged, and racist, sexist, or otherwise politically incorrect things are allowed. However, we request that it must be done with good taste. A game making fun of black people, is okay, or a game with naked women, but do not post a game depicting hanging black people or a game promoting pedophiles rapekilling children. South Park is a good guideline to what is too inappropriate.

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