What is Consciousness?

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What is Consciousness?

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:49 pm

"We examine the hypothesis that consciousness can be understood as a state of matter, "perceptronium", with distinctive information processing abilities. We explore five basic principles that may distinguish conscious matter from other physical systems such as solids, liquids and gases: the information, integration, independence, dynamics and utility principles. If such principles can identify conscious entities, then they can help solve the fundamental question: why do conscious observers like us perceive various waveforms corresponding and compressing into perceptions of classical space, and more generally, why do we perceive the world around us as a dynamic hierarchy of objects that are strongly integrated and relatively independent?

A peculiarity of consciousness is that it is an undesigned device, but this is perhaps its solution to it's hard problem. Brains are not built for the purpose of outputting consciousness (unless there actually is a creator of brains and it is not due to evolution.) Computers are built for the purpose of outputting color into the screen. Perhaps, we are conscious in this universe, simply because there was an infinite amount of potential until we became conscious of any particular universe, and because of the brute force of it, consciousness arose because without it there would be no universe or questioning of it's lack of arisal. This explanation, is however, unsatisfying, because of the potential of universes containing strange or non-complex forms associated with the generation of consciousness.

Consciousness, is somehow data transformed into what it is not. The output does not equal the input. Brains are just piles of neurons, yet these piles of neurons transform into colors and feelings. What is the agent of transformation? Why do neurons transform into qualia? What is doing the transforming? The data corresponds, but there is no identicality, only a loose translation of symbols. The human brain is flesh, and it is not equivalent to the whole sum and identity of consciousness. It is essentially, flesh symbols. But what is the agent converting those flesh and energy symbols into consciousness?

Furthermore, the output of consciousness has a seemingly random output destination - why am I me and not you, and further more, why am I limited to the bounds of this output, yet you, apparently are already outside the bounds of this output, experiencing content outside the bounds of my own brain, with seemingly, no effort! In this way, consciousness transcends spatial and time properties - two uniquely different Realities are occurring in the same connector reality. Extermal; reality is more or less the lobby, the connect between worlds, the connector reality, the stability between worlds, the relatable entity in which communications and shared experiences can transpire. We, ourselves are essentially, walking worlds, worlds on legs. Furthermore, consciousness transcends time itself, because we are the future right now, and 10 years ago we felt the future was far away. Thus past and future are arbitrarily defined by how we feel in the moment, but in another point of view, our lives are like long pancakes, in all times at once, our consciousness is the only thing that determines what is past is past and what future is." - author

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