Why are ultimate things, ultimate?

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Why are ultimate things, ultimate?

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:38 pm

Thrust into the seas of life, we are conscious, but not by consent.

If we are conscious, without our consent, what justice can we expect from death? Life is injust, we are thrust into it without our consent.

Therefore, finding and researching death and births are matters of the utmost importance, we know not what or where the storms may lead our ship. And only a fool would be thrown upon the ocean of time, unguided and ignorant of the charts of the map.

A fool, will argue that ultimate things are not important, and that researching death and birth, is a waste of time, because he is a fool, a nihilist, and cares not for ultimate things. A fool, will censor and ban bright and virtuous minds, who seek nobility and freedom from cruelty, banning those who spread caution of the storms of time. Those who oppose the discussion of ultimate things, are not merely fools, but downright evil.

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