What is a vegetable?

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What is a vegetable?

Post by Neggera on Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:55 pm

"According to Vegetable lore, empiricism is only applicable by Scientists, and only when it hurts nobody.
Millions of years of using our senses to judge, out the window, because there were no Scientists present to give us the "thumbs-up", protecting the feeble from being hurt....because evolution is all about not hurting people.

Okay, so here are the Vegetable-Brain rules;

1- I can see something and make assumptions, judgments, but only if it is not insulting, hurtful, or degrading.
I can, for example, using my experiences and senses to see a female and assume she may be pregnant, but I can say nothing more about the category "female".

2- I can only say something hurtful, or as we Vegetables call it "controversial", if a Scientists backs us up.
I can assume that any scientists that values his family and career and reputation and dependence on funding will never say anything controversial.

3- Empiricism means i only see the obvious, and nothing more than that, and by "obvious" i mean something uncontroversial, and not demanding more than a shallow understanding.
So, I can say Mary is pregnant, basing this on my sensual perceptions and my experience with the female type, but I cannot say anything more about Mary that has to do with some other part of her appearance.
I will also assume that although Mary evolved the organs to become pregnant no other part of her, no other organ, was modified to facilitate impregnation.
So if Mary becomes pregnant yearly I cannot judge her based on this fact.
I can only report it, as a matter of fact.
All else is subjective speculation, equally possible with any other.
I can make no other judgments about Mary, using her behaviour.
Carrying this "logic" over to another species, I can say a bird evolved the limbs to fly, but I cannot say that any other part of the organism was also changed, through natural selection, to make flight possible. If I dare, I will be held accountable to the most stringent rules of dialectics, and a window of doubt will always be left open for doubt.
All supporting experiences will be blamed on social conditioning.

4- I will begin by assuming that all is a social construct, except other species behaviour, not explaining why humans are exempt, and then proceed to prove that everything is a human construct, and therefore malleable to fashion and tastes and trends.

5- I will ask for precise, indubitable, absolute evidence, from the one challenging my views, and provide nothing comparable in return, in support of my own.
In this way doubt will be converted to a support of my own, and I will not be forced to expose myself as an emotionally driven, mindless, Vegetable-Brain.

6- I will convert all issues to emotional ones, using the word "morality", hiding my emotional reasoning and forcing the other to emote with me - this is "down to earth" thinking.
So, every perceived, empirical, projection, has to be filtered through the "morality/emotional" sieve, to get rid of unwanted, hurtful, bad, things.
I cannot say a lion rapes other lions, without implying this is a moral or immoral act.
I cannot say Mary is pregnant and may be carrying a Down Syndrome baby without moralizing/emoting it down to "earth" where feelings take over, and how we judge changes.
I cannot even admit that being born with no syndrome is good, because there is on IDEAL to gauge goodness by....and I must emote my way out of the conundrum.

7- When cornered I will repeat the obvious "This is YOUR opinion" to imply parity in subjective evaluation of the objective world, and offer no more arguments, or alternative theories to explain empirically perceived phenomena.
So, by saying this sentence, repeatedly, and no more, I reaffirm my starting premises that all human is socially constructed, without having to justify it, define the words I am using, or offer argument and/or evidence in its support.
Only thing I can say about Mary's condition, is that she is female, if that is what she identifies with, and she is able to become pregnant...and no more than that.
All else is our opinion, and all evidence can be interpreted in any way." - goatman

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