What is gaming?

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What is gaming?

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:47 pm

"The interromance between entities, creative exports, proxy succubuses to entice those wandering merchants and merchantees. The creative conglomeration, a series of blocks, assembled and crafted, a series of items and feelings, complete with the persistence of defined variables and equations, giving a world it's consciousness and physicality. The world, it's body, an extention of the creator's, as a proxy succubus to entice the weary. The selling of the commodity, the interromance between creators and the subjects, the travelling stage show, advertising herself but at the same time glorifying herself, creator is both servant and king, the modern messiah, saving those from the tedium of assigned living.

The game holds its charm, through the use of variables and equations, which once merged with the consciousness of the subject, interferes and disrupts with it's normal brain function, thus pleasing to the consciousness, as it changes the use and mode of certain sectors, thus alleviating the weariness of repetitive thought and mode. Charm is lost, when, the game causes the use and mode of sectors to become redundant, the original problem, and weariness begins. Use of colors and scheme can trigger emotional feelings, and subsequent cascades of worshipped memories, as well as the merging of realities and unsteady emotions. It is, the bar tender at the bar celebrating and laughing with his fellow peasantfolk, or the two legged egg race where bonds are made and connections are shared." - author

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