"The Beauty of a Woman"

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"The Beauty of a Woman"

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:15 pm

"Womanliness is next to godliness.

The narcissist, stands in the mirror after hours of perfecting her creation. Her sensations are flooded with sugar and spice, her consciousness consumed with the scrutiny of artistic genius, hair combed and outfit coordinated to perfection, a walking work of art. She takes several minutes to soak up her genius, integrating the image with her own consciousness. The dazzle-e becomes the dazzle-er. The entity becomes an agent of discernment, only accepting images and smells which are congruent with the own aesthetics affixed within her own consciousness. This, creates a rejection and disconnect with external stimuli, causing a general lethargy and sense of emptiness, if certain conditions are unmet. Soaked with her own beauty, her own beauty must be admired, shared, and expressed with other entities. The agent succubus must share the beer with it's comrades, as it is a community fueled entity, the game designer must be appreciated, the artist must be revered. if her beauty is not revered, she doubles down, frustrated, taking certain efforts to ensure that it is. Men will gather around the artist for miles, wishing and clamouring too also integrate this image within their consciousness, as the ego identity is simply that which fills the consciousness, and that which the consciousness fills. The dazzler has front row access to the coveted construction, able to gaze upon its beauty at any time, for any reason. The males, clamour for a kiss, so that they too can cherish a front row seat of the spectacle, a closer view of the image, as a keepsake, a vacationary trinket or time capsule to add to their collection of fond memories. The kiss serves as an autograph, a signature, of the genius behind the construction itself. Though this pleases the dazzler, all artists are equally repulsed by their fans, and so does not become intimate with many. It is a question of whether this is just, as the screening process is often superficial, many fans with good and just natures are overlooked, passed up for the more flashy and bad natured. Many times, when thouroughly displeased with fans, her beauty is given away to other dazzler's, other artists, since the need, is to be shared.

If the dazzler holds on to her beauty for many years, it's beauty is viewed as non-transient, no perceived danger of it going away, and the image is forever embedded in the dazzler's consciousness. She functions similar to a god. Being close to perfection, she is content, but if one thing falls away, there is a limitless fury only the gods speak. The bicycle, once stolen, will result in an endless tears, transformation to the demonic, and possible transformation into the masculine. in this way, dazzler's are simply daemons, dormant, and waiting to arise. Since there is no higher beauty than the dazzler's own, the dazzler has all the mentality and enthusiasm of a retired artist. Like dodgeball, the virtual, cannot simply compare to what is already embedded in her consciousness. What incentive is their to construct other worlds, when the beauty of the construction closest to her cannot be matched? After many years, she may tire of her own works, and focus on other performances, other dramas, becoming villanous. But, the trixster is often the one more susceptible to villiany, as she is too confident that she is immune to villiany itself. The stolen bicycle results in infinite rage and spirals to desolation. The dazzler is only satisfied, when she surrounds herself with fellow artists, fellow daemons, as the orbit of reality follows as similar a trajectory around them as she." - author

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