Mario Kart - Speed Strife

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Mario Kart - Speed Strife

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:45 pm

A game with a superb presentation, but falls short in the game play.

Game Link:
Mario Kart - Speed Strife, is in simple terms, artistic genius, but a monstrocity of a gameplay.
The tracks are too narrow, and the physics are very poorly tweaked, making the game an overall headache and disaster to play. The game was designed in Game Maker Studio, which is a fairly powerful upgrade from Game Maker 6, and the game has severe lag issues for most players.

Some people do seem to like it, and due to it's aesthetics I put it in the Great Games section. As an art piece, it is beautiful, but as a game, it really falls flat. DJ Coco's other Mario Games have been censored by Nintendo, so I suspect she gave Nintendo no good reason to censor this particular bit of raw noodle disaster.

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